Let’s have a responsible EBUC2019!

From the very beginning, even before starting to write up the bid to host EBUC, the Portuguese Flying Disc Association (APUDD) and the Tournament Organizing Committee were conscious of the importance of a socially and environmentally responsible event. Throughout this last year, while organizing with the WFDF, BULA, and the local entities, we have all been dedicated towards ensuring that EBUC2019 is as environmentally friendly and socially aware an event as possible.

Here are some of the steps we are taking to make EBUC2019 a more responsible tournament:


The lunches are prepared daily by a local restaurant and we are ensuring that there is the least amount of plastic waste possible. Also, to minimize food waste, we have a pre-order lunch menu option available for players, staff and partners. To add to that, there will be special food bins close to the main tent where you can put all your food waste, to be donated daily to a local organisation (Refugio dos Burros) which rescues, rehabilitates and relocates abandoned and unwanted animals.


There will be a similar water supply system as in WCBU2017 in Royan, where extension water pipes under the sand provide water to temporary taps especially for the event. The underground pipes keep the water cool, and whole system means that the use of plastic water containers will be minimized. Remember to bring your refillable bottle!


EBUC will have our own recycling points close to the main tent. You will also find a municipal recycling point 50 meters from the beach as well as throughout the town of Portimão.


We investigated the status of the available hotels regarding sustainability measures/certificates and took those into account when choosing where to host the event staff, volunteers and teams. The first two hotels on our list of official tournament hotels (Tivoli and Jupiter) have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability.


For each airport shuttle service ordered through our partner Transfair, €1 will be donated to CRACEP, a local organisation which supports, rehabilitates and integrates young people with intellectual and motor disabilities, promoting their quality of life and their inclusion in society (see the EBUC2019 transportation page for more info).
The official EBUC2019 accommodation options (for staff, volunteers, and athletes) are within walking distance from the beach and playing fields as well as the parties, so no need for transport.

Volunteer and staff kit

All staff and volunteer kits are made in Europe by VC. VC supports sustainability in their work and have recently announced a shift to recycled fabrics. Unfortunately, the material is still in the testing phase so we were unable to use it this time, but we are proud to support the values held by VC: “As a company do our best to reduce waste in how we manufacture and keep our paper use to a minimum. Over the years we’ve spent thousands of dollars supporting Green initiatives at events and in leagues and it’s something we want to keep pushing at the core of our business.”

Teaching area and disc donation

To expand awareness of beach ultimate and disc sports, we intend to have a teaching area (The Currier Island Development Field) for the general public (children and adults) to learn more and have a go.

Players are encouraged to bring any old discs and drop them off at the teaching field. These will be used to teach local kids how to throw and play, and to give away. All extra discs will be donated to local schools as part of EBUC’s work to develop beach ultimate in Portugal.

Want to help? Here’s what you can do!

  • If you are staying in a hotel, request that your towels aren’t changed every day
  • Bring your own cutlery and refillable water bottle to use on the beach
  • Avoid single use plastic and re-use, reduce, recycle whenever possible
  • Use our bins for your leftover food
  • Bring a disc to donate – visit the Currier Island development field and spread the word of our wonderful sport to the local youth!
  • April 12th, 2019|