Shirts / Jerseys

All players in a team shall wear shirts that match in color and design in each game. Teams shall have available a light colored and separate dark colored set of team shirts. The shirts shall be numbered with Arabic integral numerals in the range 0-99, with unique numbers for each player of the team. The numbers should be sewn or printed on the backs of the shirts and should be a minimum of 16 centimeters high and 5 centimeters wide (8 inches by 2 inches). They should be located so that they are completely visible and have a sufficient difference in color to the shirt material to allow easy reading. Individual players must use the same shirt numbers throughout the tournament and the number should correspond with the information added during registration to help with the gathering of playing data.

Shorts / Skirts

All players in a team shall wear shorts/skirts matching in color and design in all games. Shorts/skirts may have numbers sewn or printed on the front left leg. The numbering should match that of the player’s shirt. In the mixed and mixed masters divisions female skirts shall match their male teammate’s shorts design and color.

Use of EBUC2019 logo

Teams competing at EBUC2019 are permitted to use the official logo on their uniforms. Official logo must be no larger than 4″/10cm wide and can be used only once on any piece of official playing uniform (light and dark competition jerseys and shorts only). The EBUC2019 logo may not be used on non-uniform aspects intended for wear off the competition field (hats, long sleeves, warm-ups, etc.) A logo file may be requested via email direct to the TOC info@ebuc2019.org.

If you wish to print the EBUC2019 logo on your team’s uniform please send an email to info@ebuc2019.org and we will forward the logo to you. Please be aware that the logo can only be used on official player uniforms (shirts and/or shorts). It may not be printed on replica gear, fan shirts, or any other apparel to be sold to players or supporters — unless the supplier is the official WFDF Merchandizer.

Sponsorship logos and emblems

Teams may display sponsor’s logos or emblems on their shirts, shorts/skirts, hats, etc. Each participating team retains the sole commercial rights to their uniforms. However, the following restrictions apply to sponsor’s logos and emblems.

  • Sponsors logos or emblems should be neatly sewn or printed onto uniforms. They should also leave enough of the original shirt uncovered to enable to distinguish the actual color of the uniform from any direction.
  • Teams entering into sponsorship arrangements are expected to be aware of any restrictions in Portugal. Please contact the TD for advice on sponsorship and any potential restrictions.