FAQ – Athletes

FAQ – Athletes

Any questions that we receive at through the contact form that might also affect other teams will be included here.

All games against CI count! The only time CI is ‘penalized’ is after a pool ranking is made (ie ranking includes games against CI). In case of a 3-way tie, all games between the 3 count. Not just direct results of the two ‘normal’ national teams. For the specifics in each division:


  • In the first groups of 3, if Currier Island is in 1st place, it will go to 2nd. If they are in 2nd or 3rd it doesn’t change.
  • In the second round, if CI is in top 3, it will go to 4th place and 4th becomes 3rd.
  • From then on CI continues to play like any other team (CI highest rank: 9)


  • In case CI is in top 4 of the pool, they are relegated to #5 and #5 becomes #4.
  • From then on CI continues to play like any other team (CI highest rank: 9)


  • If CI ends up in top 4, they are relegated to #5 and #5 becomes #4. (CI highest rank: 5)

Master Mixed:

  • In case CI is top 4 in a pool they become #5 and as such go into the lower pool

Master Men

  • If CI ends up in top 5 of the pool, they will be relegated to #6 and #6 becomes #5
  • From then on CI continues to play like any other team (CI highest rank: 9)

Master Women:

  • After the round robin, CI is relegated to 6th , playing #3 in the pre-semies in a game that does really mean much as CI can’t go into the semies. (CI highest rank: 5)

Great GrandMasters:

  • If CI is in top 4, they are relegated to #5 and #5 becomes #4.
  • From then on CI continues to play like any other team (CI highest rank: 5)
No, Beach Ultimate is played without Game Advisors or Observers.
Playing barefoot is highly recommended, but players may wear socks or any kind of foot covering of a similar texture, so long as the soles are bendable and are not thicker than 3 millimetres.

The game schedule will likely to be released 1 week before the start of the event.

Your rosters are locked on April 1.
Between the player fee deadline (15 February) and the roster lock date there are two types of change and we will treat them differently:

Serious injury or equivalent change in personal circumstances (such as family bereavement, but not including failure to obtain visa). We will accept all such requests with full player-fee refund between the Player Fee deadline and the “roster-lock date”.
Federation/team/individual organisation failure. We have a limited capacity for accepting such changes. We will consider reasonable requests until “Roster-lock date” provided the total number of participants remains within acceptable levels. Consequently, we reserve the right to deny requests to change the number of participants per team.
There are no player-fee refunds after the “roster-lock date” and we encourage participants to ensure they have appropriate travel insurance that might help them in this situation.

However, player replacements will be permitted between roster-lock date and the tournament start. Player replacements after 1st April will be done if possible but may incur additional costs. You will be notified of the costs before we implement the requested change.

No, medical insurance is not included, therefore please do make sure that all players have appropriate travel insurance for competing at a sports event in Portugal. However, emergency treatment is provided for free.

The Rules Accreditation is mandatory for PLAYERS ONLY. However non-players e.g. coaches are welcomed and encouraged to do either or both if they want to. Full instructions on event eligibility will be mailed to each Team Administrator with the Players Briefing Book. All players will have to take the anti-doping real winner quiz.

All the players, coaches and support staff are required to download, print and sign the forms and bring them to Portimão to be submitted at the tournament registration. It is very important to bring a printed copy with an original signature with you. More details on what paperwork you’ll need to bring will be on the website soon. Your Team Administrators will be informed of all of these requirements at the appropriate time.

Teams competing at EBUC2019 are permitted to use the official event logo on their uniforms. Official logo must be no larger than 4”/10cm wide and can be used only once on any piece of official playing uniform. (Light and dark competition jerseys and shorts only). The EBUC logo may not be used on non-uniform aspects intended for wear off the competition field. (Hats, long sleeves, warm-ups, etc.).

Teams are reminded to refer to the WFDF Rules of Beach Ultimate Appendix C – Uniform Requirements and to adhere to all matters outlined within when designing and ordering uniforms. The WFDF reserves the right to require a team to alter or replace text or graphics. If printing team names and logos on uniforms and you are unsure if they meet the rules, please ask Karina Woldt: karina.woldt@wfdf.org.

WFDF’s Official Apparel Partner VC Ultimate are offering a 20% discount on VC team uniforms for all teams registered at EBUC2019. Feel free to reach out to them for professional design services and priority production and to ask any questions you may have: info@vcultimate.com

If you are wanting to print the EBUC2019 logo on your team’s uniform please send us an email and we will forward the logo to you. Please be aware that the logo can only be used on official player uniforms (shirts and/or shorts). It may not be printed on replica gear, fan shirts, or any other apparel to be sold to players or supporters.

Yes. On your team they should be registered with the ‘Coach’ Role. Having them registered on your team as a ‘Coach’ will permit them inside technical areas during the event. They should also be registered as a ‘Player’ role on the other team. The same individual will NOT be charged twice to attend the event.
No, you will need to send or bring with you original signed documents.
No. This is a change of procedure from recent WFDF events. Copies of Player and Non-Player ID’s are no longer required.

On January 21 each Team Administrator has to indicate how many players they should be invoiced for. The deadline to pay the player fees is 15 February 2019.

The Player Briefing Book (PBB) is issued in advance of the Event to each Team Admin for distribution to their team Players and Non-Players. In summary it is a checklist of things that require attention or completion prior to and at Event Registration in order for the Team, Players and Non-Players to obtain Accreditation and take part in the Event.

A team must have a minimum of nine (9) players registered on its playing roster for the event. A team in the mixed (masters) division must have a minimum of five (5) male and five (5) female players on its roster. Teams may have a maximum of twenty (20) players, not including support staff/coaches/other.

Registration is closed. Your national federation should have received an official invitation to participate at the #EBUC2019. Contact us if there are any doubts.

First contact your national federation through the WFDF members page: http://wfdf.org/members-contacts. If that fails, contact your local Beach Ultimate representative through the BULA page: http://beachultimate.org/where-to-play/

The fees are €1,000/team, €190/player, and €60/guest.