Accommodation & Food

Accommodation & Food

Accommodation Information – book now!

Although the tournament is not providing accommodation to the teams/players, we have talked to several lodging places to ensure that athletes and guests can get the best deals possible. All the options provided are within a 15 min walk of the venue. Take a look at the table below for the options available and choose what suits you and your team best regarding price/quality. As you can see, there a variety of options available, including three- and four-star Hotels and Apartment-Hotels.

To book your lodging, each team must contact the hotels directly (see the links provided) and utilize the following code “EBUC2019 [Country] [Division]”. We kindly ask that you include the email in CC in order for us to be able to assist you if necessary.

Please note that as the tournament approaches it will become more difficult to house larger teams/nations in the same facility – we kindly ask you to be prompt in booking your option if you want to get your team together. Booking is currently open. Starting in January we won’t be able to guarantee enough beds. Praia da Rocha is one of the most visited holiday destinations in Portugal, therefore other lodging alternatives exist close to the venue. Nonetheless, be aware that several other relevant sport events will happen in parallel with the EBUC2019, meaning that demand will be higher than normal.

Type Name Availability Price Supplements Contact Website
4* Jupiter Algarve Hotel Standard (1 pax)

Standard Twin Room (2 pax)

Standard Twin Room + extra bed (3 pax)
(limited availability)

32-65€/night/pax (BB) HB: 17€/night/pax
4* Jupiter Marina Hotel Standard Twin Room (2 pax)

(limited availability)

37,50€/night/pax (BB) HB: 17€/night/pax
4* Tivoli Marina Portimão 50 T0 (Single/Double)

30 T0 Marina Sun Family (1-4pax)

15 T1 (1-4pax)

05 T2 (1-6pax)

30-180€/night/pax (BB) HB: 18€/night/pax

FB: 36€/night/pax
4* Hotel da Rocha 2-4 pax suites (limited availability) 43-75€/night/pax (BB) HB: 20€/night/pax

Garage: 10€
3* Apartments Jardim da Rocha T0 (1-3 pax)

T1 (3-4pax)

(limited availability)

19- 24€/night/pax Self-Catering
3* Apartments Mirante da Rocha T0 (2pax)

T1 (4pax)

23€/night/pax (BB with breakfast at Hotel Santa Catarina) HB: 12€/night/pax at Hotel Santa Catarina
3* Club Amarilis T1 (2-4pax) 16.50-23€ (BB)

25-31.50€ (HB)

39-45€ (AI)


Praia da Rocha has many restaurants, for all tastes and budgets. The seafood and fresh fish are divine! Teams will also be able to purchase a lunch menu from the TOC, to be delivered at the playing venue. More details on this will be available early 2019.