#EBUC2019 announced for Portimão, Portugal

The Board of Directors and Beach Ultimate Committee of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) are pleased to announce that the WFDF 2019 European Beach Ultimate Championships, in association with BULA (EBUC 2019) will be held at Praia da Rocha in Portimão Portugal, from Monday 6th May to Saturday 11th May, 2019. Praia da Rocha can hold up to 30 full sized Beach Ultimate fields, and is therefore a perfect location for EBUC, the premier European event for Beach Ultimate. The event will be held every four years and is comprised of national European teams who are endorsed by their National Federations. The EBUC2019 will feature teams and players in the Men’s, Women’s, Mixed, Master Men’s, Master Women’s, Master Mixed and Grand Master divisions, with the possibility of Great Grand Master’s (over 50) participation for the first time.

“Following the interest from so many countries wanting to be part of the World Championships of Beach Ultimate hosted in France in 2017, with 69 European teams representing 22 countries, we are confident that EBUC will be very popular,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “The last European ECBU was held in 2013 in Calafell Spain, and featured 23 nations in 7 divisions. It is great to see the popularity of Beach Ultimate in the region.”

The Portuguese Flying Disc Association (APUDD) will be the host of EBUC2019, in collaboration with WFDF and BULA. The Tournament Organizing Committee (TOC) will be led by the Event Director, Sofia Campos Pereira, as well as the Local Event Manager Filipa Bringel Vargas. Together, they will head a team of experienced and passionate staff and volunteers. José Amoroso, APUDD President, stated, “With Beach Ultimate playing a large role in National disc sports, we are very pleased with this opportunity. Praia da Rocha is the ideal venue for the sport at the highest level of European competition, and we have the capacity to run an extremely well-organized and highly successful tournament. Taking into consideration that Portimão has been elected the European city of sport for 2019 and the fact that we have support from the local municipality, ECBU2019 has the potential to be an ideal showcase for the sport.”

Event and local heads of the TOC, Sofia Campos Pereira and Filipa Bringel Vargas, commented that “We are honored to organize and host EBUC2019 with full support from APUDD. We intend to create an unforgettable experience for players, coaches, and spectators. The quality and expanse of the sand in Praia da Rocha is the perfect place for Europe’s top athletes to play Beach Ultimate, and everyone can enjoy a beautiful beach while watching Beach Ultimate at its best. Beach Ultimate is a flourishing sport in Portugal, and we are committed to growing the sport and involving the local community in the event.”

BULA President Patrick van der Valk commented: “BULA is thrilled to see the return of one of the most prestigious Beach Ultimate Championship to Portugal. A lot of the sport got its roots in Portugal, and it seems fitting that European teams can show how the sport has grown since the first BULA World Championships in Figueira da Foz, Portugal in 2004. I’m really looking forward to this!”

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[WFDF Press Release]

May 31st, 2018|