Daily roundup: knockouts set to start after dramatic end to pools

We said yesterday that it appeared as though Wednesday would be a dramatic day with several things still to be decided in the pools. It certainly lived up to that billing, with some notable games and upsets in several divisions. Maya, what happened with the women’s games we talked about yesterday?

Latvia feeling lucky

Latvia have had a seemingly lucky day today. After having lost 11-5 to Spain and 12-4 to Denmark yesterday, they managed an unexpected, but brilliant, 9-8 win over Russia. This was after a 10-6 defeat of the Swiss this morning.
In other news Denmark’s women remain unbeaten after five games after a universe-point win over Spain, whilst Great Britain have taken two heavy losses against Denmark and Russia.
That sets things up nicely for tomorrow, with Latvia and Great Britain set to play in a game that will decide a semi-final spot. Denmark will probably top the pool and play whoever wins that game in the semis, while Spain and Russia are likely to replay their great pool game for a spot in the final.

How did the men’s division go today, Sean?

Photo by Verena Brucklacher

Quarter-finals almost set

In the men’s division, we almost have our top eight teams. First, we have two pre-quarters at 08:30 tomorrow morning to determine the final two teams included.

Ireland topped Denmark on universe point in their final game today, winning 10-9 after being 5-8 down just after half. That left Denmark in fourth in pool B, meaning they play Portugal tomorrow morning for the right to play Great Britain in the quarter. In the other, Sweden will play Italy with the winner facing Russia, who won pool A.

Great Britain remain the only undefeated team in the division, with the top four teams in pool B seemingly well-matched and scoring wins over each other. Poland will play Ireland while Spain face Germany in what will be tight, entertaining games. The semi-finals will also happen tomorrow, with the winners earning Friday off to prepare for the final on Saturday.

The mixed division is still keeping everyone on the edge of their seats – how did it go today Maya?

France and Russia face twenty-minute point

After having been split into an upper and two lower pools yesterday afternoon, we’re finally starting to see who the stand-out teams are amongst those who made it to the upper pool. As it stands, Russia, Germany and Great Britain are the teams to beat, but the pool games are not over yet. After beating Britain 9-8, France still poses a great threat in the upper pool as do Portugal, who beat the French 11-7. The French also faced a difficult game against the Russians which finished 5-3, but the final score was not necessarily due to Russian dominance.  During this game the teams faced a standout twenty-two-minute long point at 2-2 with the wind constantly changing speed and direction, making discs almost impossible to read. During what must have been an exhausting point, both teams took time outs and when France’s Benoit Lebert finally scored, I’m sure even the Russians were a little relieved.
How was the master’s version, Sean?

Second pool stage starts tomorrow

The mixed masters’ division has one of the more complicated schedules as the teams were split into upper, middle and lower pools. The top two teams in each original pool – France and Great Britain from A, and Germany and Spain from B – will play each other in the upper pool with the original results carried through. Once those extra games have been played, the top two will go straight to semis. The bottom two of that upper pool will face the top two of the middle pool in pre-semis – Finland, Austria, the Netherlands and Russia will fight it out in the middle to see who earns those places.

The power pool games will be finished tomorrow afternoon, and the pre-semis will take place at 16:40 tomorrow. The semi-finals will follow on Friday.

What about the men’s masters Maya?

Pool B has gained clarity

The two games to watch out for today were Spain v Germany and Czech Republic v Russia. Neither result was as close as I expected. Spain beat Germany 13-8 and the Czechs beat Russia 12-6. Both were brilliant games to watch, particularly Germany v Spain. After equalising twenty-five minutes into the game, the Spanish had a five-point run. The Germans, whose play had been relaxed and calculated at the beginning of the game, began to panic and couldn’t quite retaliate. This loss puts the Germans fourth in their pool meaning they will be playing in the pre-quarters. There’s a silver lining for one of the Germans however; Christian Hoppe scored six points in this game, making him the highest individual goal scorer of the tournament. These results leave Czech Republic top of pool B, followed by Spain and Russia.

France, Sweden and GB still top pool A. Today has revealed the Netherlands and Ireland will be playing in the pre-quarters against Germany and Belgium respectively first thing tomorrow morning. The quarters will be at 12:00.
The round robin in the women’s masters finished today. What can we expect tomorrow Sean?

Christian Hoppe for Germany leads the goal-scoring charts. Photo by Illia Shypunov

Division outlook set following round robin

The women’s masters teams have all played each other once at this point, with Sweden the only unbeaten team remaining. Spain are second, and earn the second bye straight into the semi-finals. The pre-semis will see Great Britain face Currier Island, with the winners facing Spain, while Denmark will play Germany to see who faces Sweden in the semi.

The teams all have some knowledge of each other and there were some very close games between the top teams. The meaningful games to come over the next few days promise to be intriguing.

Photo by Verena Brucklacher

Great Britain continue march towards title

An update on the so-far all-conquering GB grand master’s team: 65 goals scored in five games (they’ve capped everyone), with only 17 conceded. They play Italy tomorrow in their quarter-final at 13:10. Spain are undefeated in the lower pool and will play Sweden, while the other two semis will see Finland play Germany and France play Switzerland. It remains to be seen whether anyone can challenge Great Britain, with the semis scheduled for 17:50 ahead of the final on Friday. Let’s see if any of the teams here can cause what would be a huge upset.

How about the great grandmasters, Maya? Is there a favourite to look out for?

A tough battle for the division’s top teams

Today saw a physical game between the Austrian and Dutch great grand masters. The Netherlands came out on top in what some may have considered a preview of the final. Watching from the sidelines, it was clearly a tense game for both teams. The high number or fouls and calls probably reflected this. However, all calls were resolved in a respectful and spirited manner, fitting in with how the games in the whole division have been played.
Sweden and Germany look likely to make the semis as well, with three teams on four wins comfortably ahead of the rest of the pack. It looks as though the Dutch are favourites but they barely scraped past the Currier Island team that current props up the division, so anything could happen.

Keep your eyes on the live coverage, and check back tomorrow for more great content from EBUC2019!

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